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Exis, a Contraste Europe Company.
83 rue de Reuilly
75012 Paris
Tél : 01 56 03 99 30
Fax : 04 67 75 80 20
Contraste Europe is a group of more than 190 people, covering Luxembourg, Belgium, France and Canada. It generates a turnover of +15,5 million Euros (2006) and has always been growing and profitable in its 12-year life.

Contraste was created in 1994 by two ICT-specialists who are still acting today as directors. The same strategic approach has prevailed since the beginning:

  • A sense of service to the Consumer, and an orientation toward long-term collaboration and Service-Level commitment

  • Excellence in technologies through certification programmes and on-site experience.

  • The use of methodologies that bring efficiency, consistency and re-usability.

  • A concentration on large organizations (financial institutions, European institutions, large industrial conglomerates)

  • The development of structural programmes such as «CorTechS» (Corporate TechnoStrategy) for an efficient leverage of our strengths.

The group gathers five collaborative entities worldwide: Contraste Europe is the mother company, AMSIT concentrates on service desks and call centres, Exis represents us on the French territory, and Exica and Contraste Canada Inc. are our Canadian counterparts.

Our customers praise us for our professionalism and our ability to handle large projects.
Exis, une société du groupe Contraste Europe.
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